360° Product Photography Process

1. Determine how many products you need photographed, the number of frames needed, background color desired, and any other options desired. Then, call (937-367-7744) or email for a detailed quote.

2. Ship your products to us. We'll input your project into our system and get started cleaning and preparing your products for cataloging.

3. We photograph a proof using one of your products. We post this object to a webpage. You can either approve of the 360° product photography animation or request changes. If you make changes,  we make the changes and repost the file to a website for approval. We will remain on this step until you are happy with the product.

4. We shoot your products using the approved technique. Then, we clean each image, compile the images into  360° product photography animations, and post the files to a webpage for viewing.

5. Finally, we send you an invoice and a link to download all the 360° product photography animation files. We can return your products if you want them returned shipping would be on your account or billed to you.

360° Pricing

Silver level

$20 /Product

Simple 360 rotation with a magnifier

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